Selasa, 15 September 2009

Archicad 13 Hadir

ArchiCAD 13 continues the trend of delivering mission critical productivity improvements in each major release. In this latest version, important global and local user requirements have been fulfilled to further improve ArchiCAD’s workflow. The impressive list of productivity improvements in ArchiCAD 13 includes 64-bit support on the PC platform which, combined with Multiprocessor support, makes ArchiCAD 13 the most powerful BIM solution in the architectural space. The main benefits of productivity improvements in ArchiCAD 13 include:

· Improved object handling (model view options, embedded objects)
· Data exchange with engineers (load bearing “tag”, standard steel structures)
· Improved Curtain Wall editing (reference line editing, element height editing)
· Slab/Roof edge modeling options (slant angle, custom material)

· Annotated schedule drawings (associative dimensions, text, etc.)
· Intelligent “Soft” insulation (improved drafting quality)
· DWG interface (cleaner import / export)
· Enhanced Automatic Dimensioning (refined configuration of openings)

· “Ruler” (easier editing and layout creation)
· Oriented views (more efficient design environment)
· Dynamic “Fit in Window” (predefined views)
· 64-bit on Windows (no physical limit, more stability with large project)

Saya copas ajah yah.. he..he..he.. lain kali saya bahas lebih lanjut Archicad 13 ini.

Thanks yah Graphisoft, karena telah mengeluarkan Software CAD Terbaik ini... Thanks..!!
i love you full...

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